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Our regular readers should know these two beautiful cats by now. They’re the resident CLUBPETS cats, Bengz and Tigz!

Tigger’s the most talkative cat ever! But he’s also the sweetest. Look for him when you need a cuddle to take all your daily stresses away! And Bengz only adores our editor Ollie. She supervises all of us at work and sits in at meetings!

We had no idea what they’re looking so intently at, but they looked so cute we just had to take a snapshot! Say meow!


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Hello World!

Yes! CLUBPETS finally has a blog to call its own!

Check back here often to go behind-the-scenes and read about the rather hectic going-ons in our lovely, cosy Katong office! We’re going to be uploading plenty of pics, so leave plenty of comments, dear readers, and have fun!

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