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If you have been itching for a good comedy adventure, Walt Disney Pictures serves up one with a healthy dose of heart, plenty of laughs, and a few insanely entertaining animals!

Guinea pigs with fighting abilities trained in espionage? It’s true! Walt Disney Pictures presents G-Force, a hilarious comedy adventure about three guinea pigs, a star-nosed mole, and a fly who work together and set out to save the world.

The first 3D animation film by esteemed producer Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI, Pirates of the Caribbean), G-Force tells the story of animals trained to work as spies under a covert government program.

The amusing animals each have distinct personalities and are armed with an arsenal of high-tech espionage equipment and various areas of specialisation. A star-studded cast that includes Nicholas Cage, Penélope Cruz, Sam Rockwell, and Tracy Morgan were roped in to lend their voices to the animated characters.

Dying to know more about the film? Here’s a little bit more about the characters in the film!

  • Hurley (Jon Favreau): Originally from a pet store, Hurley finds his place in the G-Force team, but he is all gut and no glory. He puts the “pig” in guinea pig.
  • Darwin (Sam Rockwell): The leader of the group who believes that failure is not an option.
  • Blaster (Tracy Morgan): The weapons expert of the group, Blaster has a larger than life personality and a love for all things extreme.
  • Juarez (Penélope Cruz): Sexy Juarez holds her own against the rest of the guys with her great skills in martial arts.
  • Speckles (Nicholas Cage): Blind but brilliant, Speckles the mole is a valuable team member as the computer and information specialist.

Common household pets that we have grown to love and appreciate come alive in this side-splitting animation that combines animal charm with human situations, resulting in a fun-filled story for one and all!

G-Force opens in cinemas on 4 September 2009.

Now that you know who the G-Force are, tell us, in one sentence, which of the five main characters you resemble most, and the most creative entries win!

Disney is giving away 10 Top Prizes each consisting of a pair of in-season movie passes to G-Force, notebook, stationery set, keychain and watch, as well as 20 Consolation Prizes each consisting of a photo frame, clip light, and sticker set.

Simply email your name, address, I/C number, and contact number, together with your entry (Eg. I am most like Hurley because I eat like a pig!), to clubpetsmag@gmail.com with “I wanna join the G-Force!” in the subject line and you’ll stand a chance!

Contest closes on 14 September 2009. Judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained. Winners will be notified only by email.


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