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The DogTech® Level I Training Course

The DogTech® Level I Training Course is a three-week course suitable for dog’s age 20 weeks and older.

Areas covered will include:

* Socialization with other dogs
* Basic obedience: sit-down-stay-walking without pulling-recall-sit and stay-down and stay
* Be calm(er) in a training environment
* Walk on a loose lead
* Learn to perform and repeat desirable behaviour through voice and hand signals
By graduation YOU will have been exposed to effective methods of:
* Reward based Whisper Wise® training
* Training your dog using common commands
* Reading and responding appropriately to your dogs body language
* Motivating and rewarding your dog
* Ensuring you and your family live harmoniously with your dog
You will learn the fundamentals of responsible dog ownership including the importance of proper nutrition; you will also learn how to avoid common mistakes that accidentally teach your dog bad behaviour often resulting in fears, phobias, and aggression.
Course Fees: Usual Price $165, Now $80 only.

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